Gamestop Ready for Google Nexus 7 Release Date

Google already asked two retailers to stop selling the Nexus 7 ahead of the official release date, and the Nexus 7 release date remains unclear, but that doesn’t mean retailers aren’t ready to sell the Nexus 7.

Phandroid reports that Gamestop stores have the Nexus 7 tablet in stock and are ready to sell Google’s first Nexus tablet, they’re just waiting on the official word from Google.

Let’s hope Google gives the go ahead soon, because Gamestop could be a key partner in catapulting the Nexus 7 to success.

Google Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7 is in stock at Gamestop, waiting for Google’s OK to go on sale.

Like Office Depot, Gamestop’s backrooms are filled with Nexus 7 boxes waiting to be sold to eager shoppers, but there is still no official release to sell. Unlike games, which typically have a set street date, Google is still trying to determine when the Nexus 7 will launch.

The following memo instructs Gamestop employees to “Disregard any previously mentioned street dates for this item.”, and to wait for further instructions.

Nexus 7 release date at Gamestop

The Nexus 7 release date at Gamestop remains unknown, but they are in stock.

While Google can’t commit to a launch date, there is good news from these retailer leaks. We know that the $25 Google Play credit is available to shoppers who purchase from Gamestop or Office Depot.

Even better, the Nexus 7 will be in retail stores where shoppers can go hands on. I laughed when I learned Office Depot would be a retail launch location because of waning locations nationwide, but I’m excited to hear that Gamestop is on board.

Gamestop retail store

Being able to touch the Nexus 7 tablet at Gamestop could drive sales.

A retail presence is important for the success of the Nexus 7, and a demo unit in every Gamestop is about as good as it gets. Consumers need to play with the new tablet, to touch it, to form a connection and make a purchase. According to research in the Journal of Consumer Research, shoppers who touch products will pay more for them.

In Apple Stores, the computers are set up to tempt users to touch them and I’m betting there’s a bit of retail science to the angle and placement of the iPad as well.

Gamestop is no stranger to enticing users to touch products. Look around the typical store and you’ll find three to five functioning game consoles and portable gaming devices. Unlike many big box stores, these demos are almost always operational, and packed with a game or demo shoppers would actually want to play.

I’m hopeful Gamestop will stock up the Google Nexus 7 with the same diligence.