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GameStop Reveals PlayStation TV Black Friday 2014 Deals



Sony’s cheap way for families to get gaming in the living room, the PlayStation TV, isn’t six months old yet, but it’s already getting a decent price cut as GameStop prepares to reveal its Black Friday 2014 deals.

GameStop began slashing prices on Sony’s PlayStation TV and some used gaming consoles earlier today, and it’s clear that the outlet is hoping that offering a few Black Friday 2014 deals ahead of when they are usually available will help build sales.

Both versions of the PlayStation TV have gotten cheaper prices overnight. The PlayStation TV core system itself now costs just $79.99. That’s $20 lower than when it debuted this past September. Originally, the set-top box and gaming machine cost $99.99. The more expensive $139 PlayStation TV bundle has gotten a deep discount too. It is now just $99 at GameStop ahead of Black Friday 2014. This more expensive PlayStation TV bundle includes a DualShock 3 controller so that users can play games without making a separate purchase. There’s also a copy of Lego The Movie Video Game.



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Think of the PlayStation TV as a video game console without all the hassle. Set up is pretty easy and buyers aren’t forced to deal with discs that could scratch. It’s a completely digital console that mostly gets out-of-the-way. It’s ideal for casual gamers and those who like PlayStation games too.

Users can download games originally made for the PlayStation One and PlayStation Vita. It also has a streaming video and music service for those who simply need a way to get entertainment on the go.

ps tv

Forget all the apps and downloadable games though. Really, the PlayStation TV is the world’s most essential PS4 and PS3 accessory. Instead of buying multiple PS4s, users can hook up the PlayStation TV in their living room and stream games from their PS4 in their bedroom. The PlayStation TV also supports PlayStation Now. That’s the streaming video game service that Sony released to the world this year. Because of PlayStation Now support, PlayStation TV buyers can also play PS3 games.

GameStop is offering a few other things for users who aren’t interested in PlayStation. Shadow of Mordor for the Xbox One costs just $49.99. So is the PS4 version. Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition is also just $49.99 for the PS4. How long any of these deals will last remains unclear. As such, those who are thinking about making the move and purchasing some video games or the PlayStation TV now might want to do so while they’re still available. Of course, users can turn in older gaming hardware, iPhones and even iPads for more off these deals. GameStop offers a pretty robust trade-in program for users looking for more of their Black Friday 2014 deals. It also has a membership program so that shoppers can stack even more savings.

What we’ll see from GameStop in its Black Friday 2014 ad remains a mystery at this point. Typically, the company waits until just before Black Friday to announce its deals. Most suspect that’s because it doesn’t want to damage sales of games and other merchandise in the run up to the yearly sale event. That makes sense, GameStop’s customers are probably more likely than most to keep up on the current deals. In preparation for its Black Friday 2014 deals, GameStop revealed a new Holiday Hub just yesterday. The Holiday Hub includes gift advice for members of the entire family, tips on getting purchases before the Christmas holiday and information on how to get items purchased at their online store without having to spend anything on shipping. GameStop says it will ship anything over $25 free of charge until Christmas Eve in the United States.

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