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GameStop Sneaks in Amazing PS4 Deal Ahead of Christmas UPDATE



There’s just a week left until Christmas and retailer GameStop has picked up what is arguably the best PS4 deal shoppers have seen all year and will see in the very near future. At GameStop’s website right now $399 gets shoppers a PS4, PlayStation Camera and a digital code for one of four high-profile games.

It’s unclear when GameStop kicked off this amazing PS4 deal or how long it’ll last, which is why users will want to move on it as soon as they can. Again, Shoppers taking advantage of these deal get their choice of four different games with their PS4 and PlayStation Camera.

Three bundles are available with digital titles that still fetch $60 separately. They are NBA 2K15, Far Cry 4 and LittleBigPlanet3. The fourth game included in a bundle is Destiny, the first person shooter/online role playing game developed by the makers of Halo and released back in September. Unlike the others, users who purchase the Destiny bundle are getting a physical game that can be traded in store towards something else.

PS4 Camera GameStop Bundle

GameStop’s website says that users can only take advantage of this PS4 deal if they order online. That would make sense, many retailers only offer their best deals at their online shops where costs are lower. Opening the details page for each bundle reveals instructions for in-store purchases too. As such, it’s unclear whether it’s online only or also available at GameStop’s hundreds of locations. GottaBeMobile has reached out to GameStop representatives for clarification.

Update: GameStop representatives have confirmed that this PS4 deal is available at its retail stores nationwide. 

Before launch a companion camera that would allow PlayStation users to control media playback and play motion games was rumored to be bundled with the PS4. When Sony finally revealed PS4 launch details, PlayStation Cameras bundles were nowhere to be found. The PlayStation camera allows users to record video from their games with actual commentary for YouTube. Additionally, the PS4 is capable of broadcasting video commentary directly to Twitch, a video game streaming service now owned by Amazon.

Like the Kinect for Xbox One, the PlayStation Camera for PS4 allows buyers to use voice commands with their console. For example, pausing a video is as simple as saying pause. At last check, there weren’t a lot of apps that take advantage of the PlayStation Camera on the PS4. Sony is fixing that slowly but surely. The PlayStation Camera is capable of tracking bodies for motion based games like Just Dance 2014. The PlayStation Camera normally costs users $60 extra.

Total, GameStop’s PS4 deal saves new adopters a whopping $120. That’s an awful lot. When the PS4 launched last year it included no games and no non-essential accessories for that same $399. Every PS4 comes with some basics to get users started. A wired headset allows users to voice chat with each other inside games.

An HDMI cable is included with the console too. So is a power cable and USB charging cable. That last bit is important because the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller doesn’t require extra batteries. You don’t need to purchase a battery pack after the included batteries like you do with Microsoft’s Xbox One. There’s also a built-in headphone port so that players can reuse the headphones they already have.

For now, this deal seems exclusive to GameStop. One retailer that is offering something close to it is Wal-Mart. There users can purchase the PS4 with a digital copy of Destiny, Far Cry 4, NBA 2K14 or LittleBigPlanet 3. That bundle doesn’t include a PlayStation Camera despite also being $399. $509 at Wal-Mart gets users their choice of a digital game and an extra Dual-Shock 4 controller. Separately a DualShock 4 controller costs $49.99.

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