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Gates sees a tablet PC for every student!



Looks like Bill Gates is still pretty committed to Tablet PC’s! Here is what he had to say today at a Tokyo press conference as reported by InfoWorld:

“We do see, over time, that the ink input for the tablet and speech input will become as important as the keyboard, not replacing it but equally important.” Gates said at a news conference in Tokyo. “In fact, we see a day where every student, instead of their textbooks, will simply have their tablet computer connected up to the wireless Internet,” he said. “And so the teacher can customize the material, they can quiz the student. That student can have that tablet with them wherever they go and it’s actually lighter than the textbooks and more flexible, richer in terms of what it can offer.”

I know that Bill is still one of the driving forces behind Tablets, but why do we never see him using one?

Read the full article here

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