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Gateway announces Core-Duo upgrade for convertible notebooks.



I just saw this come across the pr food chain at about the same time that I started getting news tip emails ( thanks William ).

Gateway has updated their convertible notebook line ( now the M285—E and CX210) to include core-duo processors and upgraded the memory card to include an option for the ATI Mobility Radeon X1400.

What I found really interesting is this little tidbit that highlights just how successful the Gateway Convertible Notebook / Tablet PC is:

In addition, the Gateway Convertible Notebook is currently the best-selling notebook with Tablet PC capabilities in retail. According to The NPD Group’s data for the weeks of October 9, 2005 through March 26, 2006, Gateway’s Convertible Notebook models totaled 54 percent of all Tablet PCs sold via the retail channel. The new Gateway Convertible Notebook with Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology will be
offered at retail later this year.

Sounds like their pricing strategy is working! In the press release, they detail the differences between the M285—E (business) and the CX-210 (home). The press release says that the M285—E ($1399) is available for ordering now and the CX-210 will be available in May. After a quick look on the Gateway site, I don’t see it listed, but I’m sure if you call their direct line, you can order that way.

You can watch my video review on the M280 here.

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