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Gateway Brings Color To You Lap



Not really Tablet PC news here, but Gateway has been making some Tablet PC news lately. They’ve just released two new laptop lines (the M-Series and the T-Series) that are aiming at those that love their high definition and also a splash of color. You can have your choice of Blu-Ray or Optical drives (when will that silly standards issue ever get resolved). The M-Series also has an optional 1080p-capable display.

Gateway M-150X family shot rear

The other intriguing factor? Gateway is adding a splash of color to these new editions. Take your pick among slate grey, pacific blue, or crimson red. (Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.) Maybe we’re finally moving away from the very tired black, white, and sliver we’ve all become bored with accustomed to.

So, would having a color choice be something you’d look for in your next Tablet PC?

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