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Gateway to Discontinue Their Tablet PC Line? Not So Fast


on is reporting that Gateway is discontinuing their Tablet PC line, and they expect stock to be depleted of their line of Tablet PCs within the next couple of weeks. We are in the process of confirming this with our own Gateway contacts, but if it is true, it won’t be entirely unexpected considering Acer’s acquisition of Gateway. Several years ago, Acer discontinued their Tablet PC line, too.

Even though this news wouldn’t be a surprise, it will be a big disappointment to see a major OEM leave the Tablet PC space, especially one that was successful in the low end space and was a continual presence in retail.

We’ll report more as we learn more. Until then, treat this as an unconfirmed report.

UPDATE: I just spoke with Kelly Odle, who works with Gateway’s Media Relations, and the original report from was not entirely accurate. I’ll give you the summary and then post Ms. Odle’s quote. The C-120X ( 12″ ) is being discontinued, while the E-155 (12″) series has been sold off to MPCCorp.

However, Gateway is not discontinuing the 14″ series ( C-140X) and there are no plans to do so. The 14″ Tablet PCs have been selling quite well to consumers, and Gateway plans to continue that line and make them available directly and in the retail channel.

The C-120X, our 12-inch convertible line, is reaching its end of life soon, and we won’t be extending it. Now that the professional side of Gateway has been sold to MPC, we’re making sure that our products are very focused on the consumer. So we are keeping the C-140X line and it will be sold at both direct and through retail.

They are both on our site right now —

Also, all of the Gateway professional products — including the E-155C 12-inch convertible, are now sold through MPC Corp — here is the link:

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