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Gavin Ayling gives his impressions of the Q1



Gavin Ayling, a Councillor for the Buckingham Ward of Adur District Council in England, recently purchased a Samsung Q1. He gives his thoughts on using the Q1 and how he plans on utilizing it.

From his blog:

First, the software seems to be very accomplished. Even though it is a new product and a new type of product, the software seems fit for purpose and, in some cases, beyond my expectations. The program launcher and bluetooth capabilities, particularly, should be mentioned in this respect.

One of the best features is the quick-booting copy of Windows XP which can be started by pushing the power key in the ‘wrong’ direction. It allows media on the PC to be opened without having to wait for Windows XP to start. Of course what I really want is to be able to quickly turn on the PC and surf to a website without having to wait for Windows, but that’s asking a bit much!

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