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Gaz Métro Plus improves efficiences with Tablet PC technology



Motion Computing has released a case study on one of its’ customers, Gaz Métro Plus , and it is a facinating read on how one company used domdetecteurmonoxydefournaise.jpgTablet PC technology to improve their logistical efficiencies. Through reading the case study, I also became aware of a software company I hadn’t seen before: ClickSoftware. ClickSoftware specializes in solutions for mobile workforce management, primarily concentrating in the field service area: utilities, telecommunications, IT support, and home services.

Here is a snippet from the case study:

Gaz Métro Plus repairs and replaces gas furnaces and water heaters for more than 160,000 residential and commercial customers in the province of Quebec. As a result of deregulation, the gas utilities market is fiercely competitive. To stay ahead of the competition, Gaz Métro Plus focuses on delivering fast, efficient customer service.

Gaz Métro Plus realized its paper-based system was hindering the service technicians’ ability to respond quickly to service calls and provide value-added customer service. The technicians were not equipped to upload customer data to the company’s central database while working remotely, which meant the call centre did not have relevant customer information during customer calls. The paper-based system hindered the service technicians’ ability to quickly process service calls, which created internal bottlenecks that translated into longer wait times for customers.

To address this issue, Gaz Métro Plus gave their technicians Motion Computing tablet PCs loaded with web-based software. Now, Gaz Métro Plus can respond to more customer calls each day and provide customers with current information about the status of each service request. This mobile solution streamlines service calls, helping the company save money and serve customers faster.

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