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GBM Forums grow with 2 new Categories



Lots going on here in the Hardware scene for Tablet PC’s.

First we have the OQO Model 02 being released and people starting to get their hands on them, we first had Hugo with the InkShow – then Dennis and Splotch were playing with one as well.  Both seem to really like the devices and we need somewhere to start the conversations going in full force.

Then, the rumors have been going for a while now, but today they were confirmed – Dell is going to release a Tablet PC!!  Many people have been waiting for this, and now they only have to wait a little longer.  There also needs to be a place for the conversations to start and information to get out to the masses…

We have decided to add 2 new forum categories one for the upcoming Dell Tablet PC and the other is to discuss OQO hardware.

If there are any questions, comments or thoughts on either of the two devices, head on over and post away!!!

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