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GBM FrogPad Keyboard User Review


on reader and forum member Steve S has been putting the FrogPad keyboard through some in-depth testing and has released a GBM User Review of the FrogPad keyboard.

As a Tablet PC user, Steve knows a thing or two about mobility, and he offers up just about everything you would want to know about this marvel of a keyboard. I’ve been evaluating it as well, and am astounded at the depths Steve has gone in this review.

If you are an Ultra-Mobile PC or slate Tablet PC user looking for an alternative keyboard, you should read Steve’s review and determine if it could be for you.

Pricing at

  • Right & left white FrogPad – Bluetooth, $150
  • Right white FrogPad – USB, $120
  • Right & left black FrogPad (BlackFrog500) – USB, $130
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