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GBM Gets the Advantage



We don’t cover Pocket PC’s much on GBM, but with’s recent coverage of the Advantage, I’ve been wondering if it truly is as wonderful a device as James claims and worth the $800 + it is commanding. So, when contacted us and asked if we’d like to review the Advantage, I jumped at the opportunity to evaluate it. Stay tuned over the week for some quick thoughts on the this 5″ Pocket PC / Phone / Video Camera / Camera, GPS device, etc. BTW – the model I’m evaluating is the X7500, with Windows Mobile 5. The big feature that my device has over the X7501, that James is evaluating, is that mine has a built-in webcam on the front of the device. I used it to record this video below, jumped on and uploaded it – all using the X7500. Very cool – but I’m thinking that a less expensive Smart PHone + UMPC might be a better overall purchase, especially considering that the X7500 / X7501 is really too big to practically use as a phone.

One last thing – I found last night that the Opera Mobile browser takes advantage of the built-in accelerometer and allows you to tilt the Advantage up – down – left – right in order to scroll a page. It sounds pretty cool and is an innovative to help users browse larger web pages, but it is actually pretty frustrating to use when trying to input text into a text field. I’ll try to capture it on a video.

Stay tuned.

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