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GBM How-To Series #27 : Customizing the Task Bar Time Display in Vista



gbm_howto_1This weeks how-to is one that falls into the area of interface customization. I have always preferred my time displayed in what most call “military” time. It is more correctly referred to as astronomical time. Call it military, Army, Navy time or 24 hour time, whatever, it is what I prefer. I always show that time format on any clock that will. I have lived for many years settling for the AM/PM display on my task bar in Windows. Not any more. This how-to will show you how to customize your task bar time to indicate a 24-hour clock. Check it out.

GBM How-To Series #27 : Customizing the Task Bar Time Display in Vista

This one is easy… but tucked away from obvious sight.

Bullet_1_thumb2Click on the Start Button, type in intl.cpl and press Enter. image

Bullet_2_thumb3 Next, click the Customize this format button. image

Bullet_3_thumb3Click on the Time tab. image

Bullet_4_thumb2 Now, change the time format to H:mm:ss and hit OK. Then click OK to close Regional and Language Options.





There you go. A new way to view your time. While you are here, experiment with other formats for Numbers, Dates, and Currency. If you happen to mess it up or want to go back to the default settings, click the Reset button.





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