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GBM How-To Series #3 : Creating an appointment from an email in Outlook 2007



Have you ever needed to create a task or appointment that included the details that are contained in an email you received? Unless you know this handy little how-to, I bet you did the old copy-paste trick. There is an easier way. Check this out.


GBM How-To Series #3 : Creating an appointment from an email in Outlook 2007.

  1. From your inbox, click on an email that contains the task or information that you need and drag it to the Tasks or Calendar tab on the left hand panel of Outlook.
  2. A new task or appointment is automatically created and includes the body of the selected email.  Be sure to edit the task details by filling out Subject, Location, Start/End times, and Attendees, etc. Also edit out any extraneous information that’s not needed in the appointment.
  3. If you are inking notes in your appointment, pay close attention to this. After you create the appointment, click Start Inking, then Insert Space to place an inkable area in the appointment. Expand the ink space to allow sufficient room for you to contain your inked notes. Then ink away. I mention this because it took a while to figure out why I could not ink on the newly created appointment. Thanks to Dennis for helping me figure it out!
  4. Click Save and Close and you are done.


There you go. A quick and easy trick for getting the details in your email into an Outlook appointment without doing the old “copy-paste shuffle”.


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