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GBM How-To Series #7 : Using Vista Pen Flicks



 Flicks are a new Vista feature that allow you to navigate documents or change data using only your stylus. So you may ask, what’s the difference between a gesture and a flick. There are only eight flicks available. Up, Down, Left, Right, and of course, the four diagonals and they are not bound by the input panel. You can use a flick anywhere on the tablet screen.

GBM How-To Series #7 : Using Vista Pen Flicks

  1. Open the Pen and Input Devices dialogue by selection Control Panel, Mobile PC, Pen and Input Devices, or if you would like, on the Start Search input, enter ‘Pen and Input’ and press Enter.
  2. Select The Flicks tab, and make sure that Flicks are turned on by ticking the Use flicks to perform common actions quickly and easily.
  3. Now, if you want to use flicks for navigation only, simply select the Navigational flicks radio button. If you are up for a bit more in your flicks, select the navigational flicks and editing flicks radio button. You will now be able to customize your flick assignments to any of the eight directional’s. By default, you have (clockwise order, starting with the northerly position) Drag Up, Copy, Forward, Paste, Drag Down, Undo, Back, and Delete.

To customize your flicks, simply click on the Customize button, and assign your flick to any of the 20 pre setup functions.

If you want to create your own, select the flick that you want to customize, select (add), at the bottom of this window, Give your new flick a name, and assign a key or key combination directly from your keyboard. You can also adjust the sensitivity of your flicks by moving the slider between relaxed and precise.


Now that you have your flicks ready, give them a try in your browser or any other all that you use. I find them especiall useful when using my tablet to read educational materials or reading newpapers online.




Flicking takes a bit of practice, and is not supported well in all applications. To give yourself a little practice with flicks, try the Practice using flicks link on the bottom left of this window.




Tips and Notes:

  • The Pen and Input Dialogue allows you to control your Pen Options such as translating you pen action into an equivalent mouse action as well as controlling allowing the pen button to be used as a right-click equivalent and specify that the top of the pen is to erase ink. (the Tablet PC kind)
  • Pointer Options allows you to specify the Dynamic feedback of pen actions to allow for visual confirmation of you pen inut such as Single-tap, Double-tap, Press-the-pen-button, and Press-the-pen-buton-and-tap.

Our next How-To: Vista Handwriting Recognition and Gestures.

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