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GBM How-To Series #9 : Backing Up Vista Handwriting Recognition



In my last How-To, I illustrated how to train Vista to recognize your own style of handwriting. In the ensuing discussion, it became apparent that with all the time and effort spent training Vista, there was not a really good way to back up all that hard work.

 Think about it, you spend hours training the handwriting engine, what are you gonna do when you have an inevitable mishap of some sort. Use more than one system that you want the same recognition capabilities on? What about just good old piece of mind for if you “over train” your system. Face it, as good as is may be, this is a very large problem for anyone who rely’s on the handwriting recognition features of Vista. So, how do we solve this huge problem? Never fear, the GBM community stepped up and illustrated a very good solution. GBM’er Bruce Miller (bmhome1) offers this easy tip for using the Windows Easy Transfer system to create a backup of your precious handwriting files. Way to go Bruce!

GBM How-To Series #9 : Backing Up Vista Handwriting Recognition


Getting Started:

Open Windows Easy Transfer by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, click All Programs, click Accessories, click System Tools, and then click Windows Easy Transfer. Or you can do it the easy way and click Start Picture of the Start button, and enter Easy Transfer in the search box then Enter to kick it off.




From Bruce…

Backing Up your Handwriting:

      1. Follow next two prompts. Remember that ALL applications must be stop before creating system file backup.
      2. Select Start new transfer to iniciate the backup process.
      3. Select Old Computer to CREATE archives.
      4. Select Other removable media as we want to make sure that our backup is on another device.
      5. Select External hard disk
      6. Choose where to save profile backup. As the file should only be a few meg in size, the choice is yours. Bruce advises NOT password protecting the file.
      7. Select Advanced options
      8. Expand System check box.  Deselect every box leaving ONLY the “Tablet PC Settings” checked within Windows Settings. Uncheck both Applications and Shared boxes above.
      9. Next uncheck All user’s boxes except 2nd Tablet PC Settings inside Windows Settings for User. Uncheck Files in other locations.
      10. Those two remaining checked boxes will create the handwriting profile backup. Bruce reported that his showed a estimated 55Mb Transfer size.
      11. Click Next and backup will be made in seconds. Close Easy Transfer.
      12. For our use of Easy Transfer, backups are made this way each time. Unfortunately, the check box deselect process are repeated each time.

      > >

      Restoring Your Handwriting Files:

          1. A restore of handwriting profile is simply clicking on .MIG file chosen and pressing Transfer. Takes only seconds and offers detailed report.
          2. I’ve chosen to include all Tablet PC Settings in backups. Could turn down to single Recognition, but haven’t experimented further happy with tested results.
          3. The. .MIG archive files can be freely renamed tagging dates, etc. They can be stored anywhere and being so small in actual size just 3MB, I restored just copying to desktop.

          > >

          Once again, my hat is off to GBM forum member Bruce Miller (bmhome1) for providing this tip on backing up the Vista handwriting engine!

          Tips and Notes:

          • Click HERE for more information on the Windows Easy Transfer system from Microsoft.
          • Click HERE for more helpful Vista Help and How-To‘s from Microsoft.
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