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GBM InkShow: Active Ink’s Professional Designer



  Active Ink Software's Professional Designer InkShow When businesses begin the process of looking at Tablet PCs, one of the driving factors is that of automating forms collection. From collecting survey data, filling out inspection forms, and processing client forms, Tablet PCs really begin to show their ROI when coupled with ink-enabled forms software like Active Ink’s Professional Designer.

In this InkShow, I take a look at version 6 of Professional Designer and show how to quickly turn a Word document into an inkable form. In addition, I demo how smart the form designer is in how it automatically creates drop down selects based on the name of the field, and show some of the more advanced types of forms that can be designed. Bottomline: form design is a very easy process and it is quite simple for anyone to begin implementing. In addition, the power is there to take those forms to the next level by applying some simple programming, saving the data to a database, etc.

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