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GBM InkShow: Celio Redfly Extended Features



InkShow_4 When I did my first InkShow on the Celio Redfly, I got a lot of questions about the extended capabilities of the Redfly, especially the video and the USB. In this InkShow, I go over using the USB ports to add a USB flash drive and using the external VGA port to extend the video to a projector.

What I was not able to do was to play video. This is not necessarily the Redfly’s fault. The AT&T Tilt phone that I was using with the Redfly was having issues with playing video – none of the codecs seemed to be installed properly. I spoke with the Redfly technical support and they said that there are plans to update the Redfly website with information regarding which phones support which features on the Redfly. This should certainly help.

  • Download the high res InkShow ( WMV, 12 min, 81 mb ) 
  • Watch the first Celio Redfly InkShow
  • Watch the embedded video below
  • Visit Celio for more information
  • Priced at $499 from selected system integrators and from Celio


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