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GBM InkShow: CradlePoint Technology’s CTR350 Cellular Travel Router



cradlepoint 2007_11_28_20_53_36 003 11_28_2007 10_09 PM_0001  I love my usb-based broadband aircard. Even more, though, I really love being able to share that broadband signal with those around me. There are ways of doing internet connection sharing in Vista and XP, but it doesn’t come close to the simplicity of sharing the connection over WiFi.

In this InkShow, I take a look at CradlePoint Technology’s CTR350 Cellular Travel Router and show how simple it is to setup and use. I’ll definitely be buying one of these to use during our coverage at CES in January. Being able to share my broadband signal with the other team members with such ease is going to come in quite handy and help with our overall productivity.


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