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GBM InkShow: Dell Latitude XT Unboxing Video Review




In this InkShow video review, I unbox the Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC, media base, and battery slice.  In addition, I do some initial handwriting, touching, run a Windows Experience Index, and do two boots ( initial, and secondary ). You’ll be amazed by all the boxes this “thin and light” tablet pc ships with! I’ve never had a Tablet PC that shipped with so much blasted cardboard.

I’ve got several video series in works, including a general review, some comparison shots between the XT and the X61, a look at the convertible fieldcase, the media base and battery slice, general usage ( inking, touching, N-Trig software, Dell specific utilities, etc ), and more. So, stay tuned for more videos and more articles on how the XT is working out on a day to day basis. You can read more about my first impressions using the XT here. I’m also planning a point / counter-point on Steve Seto’s excellent user review.

If you are not in to the whole unboxing thing, jump to about minute 7 where I begin working with the XT itself.






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