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GBM InkShow: FlipStart Ultra-Compact Portable Computer w/ SnapCamera




Wanna talk portable? You’ve got to see the FlipStart! It is definitely one-of-a-kind. The FlipStart model E-1001S is a super compact Microsoft Windows personal computer with the all too familiar clamshell design that is packed with innovative features making it easy to use- in your hand, on your desk, snap_camera_smallermounted in a vehicle or on the back deck taking bird photos with the SnapCamera.

(Stick around and you’ll get that. The part about the birds that is.)


Model E-101S

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“FlipStart ® is a super compact, fully capable PC with the form factor that’s proven to work for mobile professionals. FlipStart has everything you expect from your laptop —  familiar applications, effortless Internet connectivity, robust communications and a host of entertainment options. Its familiar clamshell design is packed with innovative features that deliver unprecedented flexibility and productivity on the go.

Familiar design
FlipStart is designed like a laptop, but sized to be effortlessly portable.
FlipStart’s familiar clamshell design is a first for the small, connected device category —  it’s amazingly easy to use and offers everything you expect from a laptop.
The clamshell protects the screen, keyboard and internal components, and allows for an adjustable screen angle for better viewing and maximum comfort —  in the hand, on the desktop or mounted in a vehicle.
As a result of extensive user research, FlipStart offers the most convenient, usable size and design, proven to work anywhere.
Find out more —  download the FlipStart white paper,
““Situational Relevance: Understanding How Mobile Technology Tools Are Evaluated Through Use”.”…

Product Specifications

  • Processor
    1.1 GHz Intel ® Pentium ® M Processor Ultra-Low Voltage
  • Graphics
    Intel ® Enhanced Graphics processor
  • Hard drive
    30 GB (shock mounted)
  • Memory
    512 MB DDR2
  • Operating systems
    Windows ® XP Professional
    Windows Vistaâ„¢   Business
  • Dimensions
    5.9” x 4.5” x 1.35” with slim-line battery
    5.9” x 4.5” x 1.6” with standard high capacity battery
  • Weight:
    1.5 lbs. with slim-line Battery
    1.75 lbs. with standard high capacity battery


My final thoughts; While I was a bit skeptical at first on how I would take to the “clamshell” factor of such a small unit and the touch pad, but I found it a pleasant experience to use. The FlipStart is a very solid machine and performs quite well with Windows-XP Professional and the included MS Office applications. I would however have liked to have time to do a comparison with the OQO Model-02 that I own running Windows Vista but time was limited. Perhaps I can talk the powers that be at Dynamism into a couple more weeks to do some side-by-side comparisons of these two units. Anyway, we would like to thank the folks at for providing us this evaluation unit.

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