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GBM InkShow: Inking Challenge



inkingchallengethumb InkShowI wish I had received the HP tx2051 Entertainment PC before filming this InkShow, but I will soon be doing another Inkshow on that new entry. Nonetheless, this InkShow attempts to show how Inking works for me on three different Tablet PCs: The Lenovo Thinkpad X61, the Fujitsu P1620, and the Motion F5 Rugged Tablet PC. You should see some distinct differences given that we have three different devices, one of which (the P1620) only contains a passive digitizer.

I have to admit with some disappointment that I was looking forward to Inking on the P1620. Rob had a good experience with the earlier P1610, and James Kendrick is constantly singing its praises. But for me the results were far from stellar. I have to apply far too much pressure on the screen to get good results. By that I mean that I don’t have to focus on what I’m Inking. I just write away. If have to focus on the effort, then I’m not able to take notes the way I need to in order to work.  Again, I’m aware of the limitations of a passive digitizer, but I had had a very good experience with Inking on the Asus R2H and was hoping this would be a similar experience.

The Motion F5 Rugged Tablet PC proved to be a Inker’s delight. I enjoyed holding it and Inking was effortless. The handle even works for me. If I was going to purchase a slate I would seriously consider looking at this device as the one to buy for note taking. That said, It doesn’t seem to hold calibration very well.

I won’t say much about the Lenovo ThinkPad as I’ve said quite a bit before already on that machine. Suffice it to say it is a smooth and effortless Inking experience and one that I continue to enjoy very much.

So, enjoy the InkShow and remember, this is a very personal experience. These are my thoughts on how my hand works with these screens and styli. Your mileage may be completely different, as may your Inking.

Download the High Res version.

Thanks to Allegiance Technology Partners for the loan of the Fujitsu P1620, where you can find all three of these Tablet PCs for sale.

All GBM InkShows and Podcast are sponsored by TechSmith.


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