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GBM InkShow: InkSeine



"To seine is to fish with a net. To fish for results from ink is not insane, but rather InkSeine!" What a great definition for this prototype note-taking application being released by Microsoft Research.

InkSeine is a Tablet PC note-taking application designed and built from ground up around the pen, with the ability to easily search the web or your local computer directly from your ink. The search interface is unlike anything I’ve ever worked with in the past, with the ability to narrow or expand the results based on file type or date with a simple flick of the pen. It is such a joy to use an application where the box was built around the pen rather than making the pen fit the box.  As such, InkSeine is quickly becoming my go-to application for ink note-taking.

InkSeine will be free and will be released to the general public on February 15th. It is not a supported Microsoft product. The  best way to get support for InkSeine will be through the product page, Ken’s blog, and through our GBM forums where Ken frequently visits and comments. There is extensive help and plenty of video tutorials on the product page and in the application itself, as well.



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