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GBM InkShow: OQO Model 02 Tablet PC SSD vs HDD



oqocompare1 2007_11_14_23_25_01 001 11_15_2007 12_47 AM_0001 Solid State Drives (SSD) are the future of mobile computing, and if my experience with the SSD based OQO Model 02 is any indication, the future is a fast one.

In this InkShow, I run a series of tests comparing a Model 02 1.6 ghz SSD to a Model 02 1.5 ghz HDD .  The speed differences really show themselves on bootup and application start-up. My own battery experiences indicate about 45 minute to an hour improvement over the HDD based Model 02. FYI: I did try using Battery Eater, but ran into problems with the application. 

My thanks to Eddie VanDerbeck for sending me his Model 02 to do comparison testing with.

Here are my results of running HDTune 

Model Min Transfer Rate Max Transfer Rate Average Access Time Burst Rate CPU Usage
Model 02 1.6 ghz 32 GB SSD 19.6 mb / sec 46.6 mb / sec 39.8 mb / sec .3 ms 36.6 mb / sec 21.7%
Model 02 1.5 ghz 60 gb 4200 rpm HDD 9.0 mb / sec 22.5 mb / sec 17.8 mb / sec 20.3 ms 50.7 mb /sec 7.1%








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