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GBM InkShow : ProClipUSA Mobile Mounting Solutions




ProClipUSA In my last InkShow, you got a glimpse of how I mounted a Samsung Q1P running StreetDeck in my GMC Yukon. During the creation of that InkShow, I was so impressed with the ProClip line, I knew then what my next show would be about. Today, it’s all about the best mobile mounting solutions I have ever found. Combine superior quality products with excellent sales support and you have a winner. My first experience a few years ago was with a ProClip holder that I fitted to my motorcycle. It worked great. I have looked for a long time for a mounting system that would not be cheesy (cheep) and at the same time look like it belonged in a USMC Hummer (industrial) . ProClipUSA is dead on the money. They have a complete line of excellent mounts and holders for many different vehicles, and many, many different devices. They even have an excellent solution for mounting most of the devices at your desk. Be sure to check out the “extra” video below for a peek!

GBM InkShow : ProClip-USA Mobile Mounting Solutions

The entire process of installing the ProClip system was mindless. Heck, the hardest part was determining just how was best to mount all the devices. Watch the video for a step by step install of both the OQO Model-02 and a couple of different phones as well as MP3 players. The ProClip system is a two part solution. Choose your holder for your device, then choose your mount. That easy. Don’t forget the Move Clips!


I’ve said it before… I’ll say it again!


“The mounting system is key for any successful UMPC integration. Mounting the unit with suction mounts off the windshield just is not for me. I wanted a more “factory” install for both stability and looks. Enter ProClipUSA to the rescue. I can’t say enough about how their mount system was just what I was looking for. The guys at ProClipUSA did everything possible to help make this install everything I had hoped for. Honestly, they made the difference for me as to making this a temporary install or a permanent one. Needless to say, stay tuned for an InkShow on the mount options they have.

My hat is off to the folks at ProClip-USA. They have provided the best customer service and pre-sales experience I have had in a long while. Yeah ProClip!

Looking for a great way to dock your OQO Model-02, cell phone or most other ProClip supported device at home without breaking the bank? Check this out!


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