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GBM InkShow: Slingbox Mobile Overview



We are all about being mobile here on GottaBeMobile, and one thing about being mobile is that often there are times when being able to watch some of your favorite shows can’t happen.  Enter the Slingbox – The Slingbox will allow you to watch your show almost anywhere.  With the help of a Tablet PC, UMPC, desktop, regular laptop or phone – and some type of data connection – the Slingplayer on the mobile device will allow you to stream what’s on your TV with some great results.

In this InkShow I have the Slingplayer on my Tablet PC (Lenovo x61), UMPC (Asus R2h) and my Treo 750.  I take you for a overview on a large 22″ widescreen for when you are at home and want to watch your show on your wired network.  I also take the Tablet PC connected via my Cingular HSDPA card and show the Slingplayer running on the x61.  After the x61, I take the R2H for a spin on a wireless network and from there I view my TV on the Treo 750.

  • Download the high res InkShow here: Windows Media, 14 minutes, 114mb
  • Watch the embedded InkShow below

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