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GBM Inkshow : StreetDeck – "Pray you get stuck in traffic"



Now who in their right mind would ever want to get stuck in traffic? Not me! However, I do have to admit that I did take the long way home more than a couple of times while testing StreetDeck. If you are searching for a way to integrate a UMPC into your ride, StreetDeck might be for you. There were some challenges in getting everything to work together, but once setup, it was reliable and functioned well. My major issue with StreetDeck was trying to compare performance on the Q1 running XP with the X60 running Vista Ultimate.  I should have never loaded it onto the X60 as this really un-fairly set my expectations. Oh well. Now I’m going to have to figure out how to mount the X60 in the Yukon. In the words of Jimmy Buffett, “Ain’t Life Grand!”

The mounting system is key for any successful UMPC integration. Mounting the unit with suction mounts off the eddie2windshield just is not for me. I wanted a more “factory” install for both stability and looks. Enter ProClipUSA to the rescue. I can’t say enough about how their mount system was just what I was looking for. The guys at ProClipUSA did everything possible to help make this install everything I had hoped for. Honestly, they made the difference for me as to making this a temporary install or a permanent one. Needless to say, stay tuned for an InkShow on the mount options they have.

Final note: Whenever incorporating ANY type of technology into an automobile, you must keep safety at the forefront of your conciseness. With a system like StreetDeck, it becomes very, VERY easy to become distracted and cause a serious accident. So please, please, please Be safe. Always! There are far to few geek’s in the world. We can’t afford to lose a one!

StreetDeck-logoStreetDeck-Mobile Electronics Software



Likes: User interface is well designed and works well while driving. The Gesture system was an excellent way to control StreetDeck without really looking down at the unit. My only problem was memorizing them. The software was feature rich but had a few that I thought could be omitted.  Price; at $199 StreetDeck is priced just about right considering it’s feature set. I would like however to see Vista supported. Navigation performed generally well with only a couple of lockups during testing on XP. I liked the NAV interface very much and the display options were unique and helpful.

Dislikes: Performance of some features such as the Internet Radio was a bit sluggish on the Q1 even with EVDO access. Compatible hardware such as the Parrot Bluetooth hands-free was limited and not well pointed out.

Issues: A few lock-ups related to the Microsoft MapPoint engine. GPS connection with Vista was problematic. Audio connection will me a major issue for most DIY’ers. No easy way to have system wake and hibernate when ignition was turned off. Trust me, watch this; it will eat a battery. Running in Vista was problematic with there being an unacceptable level of BSD’s and lockups.

Equipment used for testing: GMC ’05 Yukon Denali-XL, Samsung Q1-P running XP. GlobalSAT Bluetooth GPS. ProClipUSA mounting solutions. (4 Stars! watch for Future InkShow!). Verizon EVDO AirCard. Kyocera KR-1 EVDO Wireless Router.


View a video demo of StreetDeck (by StreetDeck)

Watch/download the High Res GBM InkShow

(29 minutes, 16mb, Windows Media streaming or direct download)


Internet Enhanced Navigation

  • Internet Connected Navigation
    • Internet assisted point of interest search
      • Data available by Google or Microsoft Live Local
      • Real time location updates
      • Allows for word search such as sushi, Thai, laundry, car wash
    • Internet provided satellite routing photos


  • Navigation (no Internet required)
    • Navigation for non-connected use
    • Supports 2D and simulated 3D view
    • Will use cached satellite imagery if available
    • Gesture based address entry

Internet Enhanced Mobile Entertainment

  • Internet Entertainment
    • Yahoo! LAUNCHcast provides hundreds of Internet radio stations
  • Multiple Media Sources
    • Gesture and voice controlled IPOD Integration
    • UPNP device compatible
    • CD-ROM, USB, removable media auto detection
  • Games and External Applications
  • StreetDeck Media Sync for Internet and Wi-Fi Networks

Gesture, Touch, and Voice Control

  • Gesture support for eyes on the road use


  • Touch and Gesture Controlled PodCast Delivery


  • Touch and Gesture Controlled Media and Entertainment
    • Touch screen and gestures control media
    • Supports additional monitors for automotive environments

And many more…

Check out StreetDeck’s website or Order StreetDeck software and accessories from

Check out Pro Clip USA for all your in-vehicle mounting needs


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