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GBM InkShow: T-Mobile WebConnect Rocket



T-Mobile recently began upgrading their mobile network to HSPA+, offering speeds up to 21Mbps. Of course, “up to” is such a relative term. Does their faster network really deliver? That’s a question I sought to answer in evaluating their WebConnect Rocket laptop stick, a.k.a. USB modem.

T-Mobile initially approached Josh Smith, our comrade-in-arms at, about an eval. However, the upgrade wasn’t starting in his neck of the woods, but they’re up and running in the DC suburbs where I live. By coincidence, I had an overnight trip planned for Philadelphia, another HSPA+ rollout area, so I was able to squeeze in online time there too for a two-town test.

Managed to shoot a bit of video at several locations and put it together, along with a brief intro, in this GBM InkShow. I also have a full write-up with map locations to give you an idea of what to expect with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network and WebConnect rocket. Thanks to T-Mobile for letting me run around on their network (and to Josh Smith for pointing them in my direction).

GBM InkShows are sponsored by MobileDemand. Check them out for rugged mobile computers.

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