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GBM InkShow: The New EverNote is a Game Changer



evernotebeta I’ve been talking a bit about the new version of EverNote over the last few weeks as I’ve been participating in the private beta. This new version, which comprises a web strategy and works across platforms is a real game changer, at least for me personally. This is the first cloud application that I’ve used, beyond some of Google’s products, that fulfills the real promise of cloud computing by allowing me to capture, store, and access my data across the platforms I use. In addition to the web version, there are versions for Tablet PCs and PCs, Macs, and Mobile devices. I’m using it on the Sprint Mogul, my Lenovo X61 Tablet PC, and my iMac, and I have to tell you it is a joy to use. I know there are other applications that work within the cloud, but none have fulfilled my needs the way that this new version of EverNote does.

EverNote is aiming to be your second brain. A place that you can store all sorts of snippets of data from web clippings to scanned info, to pictures, to voice recordings. Remember, it is still in beta, and all the functionality I’d like to see isn’t there yet. For example, viewing ink in the Mac version isn’t included yet, but at the moment, I’ll accept that. There will be a free version of the new EverNote and also a Premium version. What’s nice, is that you aren’t going to be limited to the number of devices you can use EverNote with.

Here’s just one example of how well this works for me. I’m able to record a voice note on my Sprint Mogul and then upload that to the web. When I get back to my desktop or my Tablet PC, the note is there, either accessed through the web version or the client on my Mac or my Tablet PC when I next open either.

Tablet PC owners have been familiar with EverNote for quite some time and it is an excellent Ink application. I’ve used it in the past but relied on OneNote as my main note taking and data collection tool. While comparisons between the two seem inevitable, the good folks at EverNote are saying that they don’t see this as necessarily a competing product.

Not all is perfect in new EverNote land though. I’ve never been a big fan of the endless scrolling tape method of keeping notes in EverNote. I’m still not a fan of that metaphor, which at the moment still exists in the beta version of the Tablet PC client. Intriguingly, the EverNote team has stated that rather than trying to standardize the UI across all platforms, they are going to take advantage of what each platform offers. The iMac interface is quite stunning. I’d like to see a thumbnail view on the Tablet PC client as well. I’d love to be able to mark up a picture I’ve captured on my Tablet PC, but I’m not able to do that yet. And of course, I’d love one day to be able to Ink in the web version. But to be fair, I imagine that’s a ways off. To be frank, none of that can hold me back from recommending that you give EverNote a try.

Watch the InkShow and see for yourself. Better yet, go to EverNote, participate in the beta and you be the judge. Today, it is supposed to be available for public beta although the home page shows it is still by invitation only as of this writing. Take a look at this great Ink application, that truly allows you to be mobile with your data. Like I said, it is a game changer.

I’ve also talked with EverNote CEO Phil Libin and will be subsequently posting up some answers to questions that I had on EverNote, the new strategy, and what the future might hold.

Download the high res version here.

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