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GBM InkShow: The Tom Bihn Ego Bag and Brain Cell



tomThere are many times I look into my closet and see a whole bunch of bags sitting there…  Why, because I can never seem to find the right one to carry all of my ‘stuff’.  It’s always too small, too big, not enough pockets…  and the cycle of looking always seems to continue.  Right now I have found a bad that I have been using for almost 2 months.  I am going to continue to use this bag because it has subsided my need to find another bag.

The Ego Bag with the Brain Cell insert from Tom Bihn has become my new best friend for carrying around my computer.  It is the right size for me, holds the right amount of gear and looks good too!!  In this InkShow, I give a full look at the bag, it’s features and what it can hold.  At the end, I almost do a ‘what’s in my gadget bag’ because I load up all the gear that I normally take around with me.

So, have a look at the Tom Bihn Ego Bag InkShow and see if the bag might be right for you.  If you need a smaller bag, take a look at the bag that Rob did an InkShow on not long ago.

Watch the High Res Version (18 minutes, 142mb, Windows Media streaming or direct download)


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