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GBM InkShow: Thomasin Checks Out the HP Mini 2140



thomasinhpmini2140thumb Once again, I called on my lovely wife Thomasin to help us out with a first look at a Netbook. If you recall she was involved when we first got our hands on the HP Mini 2133 and it is only fitting that she check out its successor, the HP Mini 2140. I’m glad we have the HP Mini 1000 for her to use and she loves it so much, otherwise I don’t think I’d get to carry the 2140 on this audition trip to check out for myself.

That’s not entirely accurate. I’ve had a few hours to check out the 2140 and I like what I see. In fact, I like it quite a bit. My biggest beef is with the trackpad and the separated buttons. But different strokes for different folks because this doesn’t seem to be an issue with Thomasin’s usage. While I can’t do a head to head comparison with the 2133, the Atom processor seems to be humming right along on the 2140. The 2133 was running a VIA processor. Comparing it side by side the Mini 1000 really shows off the similarities with the keyboard (identical) and the form factor. I’m looking forward to working with this over the weekend at auditions as my primary device.

Enjoy the InkShow.

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Download the InkShow here.

Thanks to the good folks at HP for letting us evaluate the HP Mini 2140.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine

    02/05/2009 at 1:46 pm

    Excellent job again you two!


  2. Paul Harrigan

    02/05/2009 at 8:12 pm

    Now, if they would just do a tablet version…

  3. Kelvin

    02/15/2009 at 9:10 pm

    i think u guys put on the wrong link. it’s streaming to the artpc.

  4. Kelvin

    02/15/2009 at 9:11 pm

    oh nevermind >_< lol

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