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GBM InkShow: Thomasin Takes On The HP 2133 Mini-Note



When my wife, Thomasin, got her hands on the Asus Eee PC back in December, she had some reservations about the tiny little ultra-portable that shook the mobile space. But she seems to have overcome those as it is now difficult to pry the Eee PC out of her hands. So, I was very anxious and eager to hear her reactions to the new HP 2133 Mini-Note. Last night I had her check it out and that’s what you’ll find in this GBM InkShow: her unvarnished and first reactions to the Mini-Note versus the Eee PC.

Thomasin is decidedly not a geek, as you can tell by her names for certain things, but I think her first blush look at devices offer OEMs a more than interesting look at what they have in their devices.


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