GBM InkShow: Windows 7 and N-Trig Pre-Beta Multi-Touch Demo

image When N-Trig released their Windows 7 multi-touch drivers today, it was all I could do to finish up some needed work and keep focused on the task at hand. Soon enough, though, I had an opportunity to install the new drivers on my Latitude XT Tablet PC running Windows 7 and record this short InkShow demo.

As you’ll see, things are bit rough at this pre-beta stage and not near as polished as many, like myself, had hoped. The experience is not very consistent and can be a quite jerky. It is not a smooth experience at all.   That said, it is important for all of us to remember that this is a pre-beta Windows 7 install running pre-beta N-Trig multi-touch drivers. There is a long ways to go between now and the end of 2009.


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