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GBM Members Meeting Nationwide!



Ok, so Matt has recently hooked up with Skip Coghill and dpeters in Chicago, and is planning a trip to WIPTE to hook up with any GBM members who might be attending that conference. But just because one of the team members isn’t around, doesn’t mean that GBM Forum members aren’t hooking up on their own.  We just got this in from Steve S about a meet up he had with John Hill. Here are Steve’s comments about the meeting:

While in Philadelphia this week to attend an engineering conference, I managed to carve out an hour to meet GBM member and part-time pirate John Hill. We meet at a local restaurant near Allegiance Technology Partners so that we could get acquainted. (One of the main menu items was fish Coincidence? You be the judge!)

John is a great guy. You’ll be happy to know that he says that his business is doing well and that he’s every bit as frustrated by product delivery delays as the rest of us are. However, we didn’t just talk shop. John and I discussed how we had gotten to share a mutual interest in all things tablet; he picked up his interest from his father while I developed my interest as a natural extension of the type of work that I do. I was not surprised to learn that we shared other interests, as well. John has a great love of music and in an odd twist, I discovered that I had the radio in my rental car tuned to John’s favorite local station!

We talked about family and kids, rediscovering the kinds of insights that all Mom’s and Dad’s seem to share. Before I knew it, the hour was up! But before I had to leave, John showed me a brand new UMPC that he had just received for evaluation. (It the first UMPC I’ve ever actually handled.) I’m not sure how much he would want me to say about it, but it featured 1GB of RAM, seemed very sturdy and well built, and it was running VISTA. John said the price was under $1,000! You can see it sitting on the table in front of us. If you’re curious, contact John; perhaps he can share more details.

I’m really glad that I took the time to meet John. GBM may be the place that we gather to discuss mobile computing, but the folks here have a lot of other things to offer, too. If you’re in someone else’s neighborhood, look them up! Maybe we should even consider our own GBM Convention ???

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