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RoboformWe all have our gadget bags and our Tablet PC or other mobile device that makes us mobile, but without the applications that we run every day, we are just carrying around dead weight!  Software makes the solution complete, right?  Well, I thought I would start sharing a few of the application tools I use on a regular basis with you, one at a time.  Every day is filled with different activities that require different tools.  These are not necessarily all Tablet PC tools, they are just tools that contribute to my daily usage as a mobile professional.

Today’s tool is RoboForm.  If you have never experienced this little application, you MUST give it a try.  I repeat, you MUST give this one a try.  Roboform has a couple of main functions I use every day:

  • Form filling – Every day it seems I have to fill in another form on the internet.  Roboform allows you to keep all that form data in an encrypted (using AES, Blowfish, RC6, 3-DES or 1-DES algorithms), password protected data file on your system, and serves it up when needed.  My experience is that it has done a phenomenal job of putting the right data in the right place.  It also allows you to have multiple “identities”, which allows data for personal vs. professional, real vs. stealth info, etc.  It is worth it just for this, but does so much more.
  • Passwords and logins – I wear this feature out!  With a toolbar in your browser (multi browser support btw), you can pull down a list of sites you have logins for, and Roboform remembers the login name, web address, and password. Combined with “Autofill”, it can even generate random high strength passwords when you create a login, and then remember those for you.
  • Safenotes – You can create little notes with important, confidential data.  Things like account numbers, pins, etc. are all there in an encrypted password protected storage.

There are a lot more features, but those are some highlights.  On my tablet pc, this keeps me from having to constantly tap out or ink convert logins, web addresses, passwords, form data, etc., and saves me a ton of time each day.  There is a free version that allows up to 10 “passcards”, that I used for a good while until I got hooked!  This program has regular updates (free btw), has support for USB drive portability, Pocket PC and Palm support, plus much, much more.

I could not work each day without this tool.  I realize that browsers come with some native support for this functionality, but trust me, they pale in comparison to RoboForm.  Please, if you surf the internet (which you do or you would not be here), give this application a try!  It is a free download to try, adware/ spyware free, supports over 25 languages, and isonly $29.95 to buy.

The RoboForm website

This one is WELL worth the money.  See ya next time.

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