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GBM Podcast #22: Rob’s Back for the Below the Belt Show



While Dennis and Hugo are out shopping for new belts, Rob Bushway, who has been absent from our GBM Podcasts for far too long, joins Warner Crocker for GBM Podcast #22, and we have a blast talking about a ton of topics in the Tablescape. (Note, neither Rob nor Warner was wearing a belt of any kind during this podcast.) Rob has spent some of his time Belt3away from podcasting boning up on art criticism and philosophy and spreads his wisdom as we chat about HP’s decision to replace the TC4400 with the 2710p, Chad Essley, the Tablet PC Cartoonist, Rob’s experience with the Flybook V5i, shipping delays in the Tabletscape, and cover some forum news. We also spend some time talking about the OQO Model 02. (And we only hit below the belt a few times.) Check out GBM Podcast #22 and give it a listen.

Here’s the notes for show #22:

News Items:

Hot Topics in the GBM Forums:


  • L0GiX and Tweaking the Q1 Ultra UMPC
  • Michael Venini wonders where Tablet PCs would be today without the community.
  • SegalSegal points up some issues that Tablet PC users experience with browsers. (That Firefox bug is certainly interesting.)
  • Shipping Woes with Gateway? Join bpjen in this thread in the GBM Forums.

And we tighten down the belt on the recent OQO discussion here on We point out why this device works well for some, and may not for others.

Download or listen to this GBM Podcast here (37.41mb, 40:51minutes, mp3 format) or you can subscribe to our GBM Podcasts in iTunes or via your favorite podcatcher at this link.


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