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GBM Podcast #30: The Shifting Connectivity Show



BroadbandBeing mobile relies on several factors, one of the most important being connectivity. If you can’t be connected and get to your data or to the web, what’s the point? In GBM Podcast #30 we talk about several mobile connectivity issues and how they may or may not be shifting. And speaking of shifting, yeah, we spend some time being “Wowed” by The HTC Shift, and Hugo’s InkShow of the game changing device. That’s right. I said game changing. Simply because I think the dual OS will appeal to many. But is there a catch? Will the Broadcom/Qualcomm legal ranglings delay the US debut of the HTC Shift? If not, will it be locked to a specific carrier? Or do we just have to wait for Google’s recent play in the FCC 700MHz auction to offer us unrestricted mobility with broadband?

Oh, yeah, and guess what? This is Matt Faulkner’s debut as a part of the GBM Podcasting team. He calls it his “virgin podcast” but we won’t go there. We had lots of fun putting it together and hope you have lots of fun listening to it.

Here’s the notes for show #30:

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