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GBM Podcast #37: Sierra Modro Unplugged (Well, kinda, sorta)



Sierra_thumbWe’re all excited on the GBM Team with the new addition of Sierra Modro to the wacky gang of contributors here. So, in GBM Podcast #37, we take the opportunity to find out more about Sierra, her passions for Tablet PCs and mobile technology, and generally introduce the newest GBMer to all of those out there in GBM Podcast land.

In addition to finding out more about Sierra, (like while getting Sierra unplugged probably won’t ever happen) we spend some time talking about the Nokia N810, Sierra’s use of the HP 2710p, Microsoft’s marketing misfires; and, on the cusp of the Tablet PCs 5 year birthday, we look at what has been and what we’d like to see.

As I say many times in the Podcast, I’m thrilled that Sierra is a part of the team and I’m looking very much forward to all the great things she’ll be contributing in the future. And don’t forget, Sierra takes requests! 

Here’s the notes for show #37:

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