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GBM Podcast #38: Happy Halloween In The Tabletscape



Tguysmall1_thumbSometimes things can get down right spooky in the Tabletscape and Matt Faulkner and I spend this week’s GBM Podcast (that’s GBM Podcast #38 for those who are counting) talking about a number of developments, as well as a few tricks and a few treats. So, while you may be waiting to dish out your Halloween treats to your local ghosts and goblins, give GBM Podcast #38 a listen.

Are you waiting about news from Dell? Well, if you’re a Purdue student or educator maybe you got to take a sneak peak. Wonder what is going on in UMPC land? Chippy seems to be covering all the news on UMPC TV (and creating a fashion faux pas as well.) Well Asus’s R2E UMPC be a hit? Is Apple going to finally produce a Tablet PC? Who knows, but we sure love to speculate, especially with all the news that’s fit to touch bouncing around these days. We even talk a little football, just for fun.

Use your favorite podcatcher and grab this week’s podcast for a wide ranging discussion of Tablet PCs and UMPCs.

Here’s the notes for show #38:

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