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GBM Podcast #54: The Meet Truc and More Show




We’re back on track on the counting and it’s a good thing because we wouldn’t want the rookie on the show to think we didn’t know what we’re talking about :).  This GBM Podcast is Number 54 and we talk about quite a few things during this 45 minute conversation.

On a special note, this is new GBM writer Truc Bui’s first podcast.  As a new member of the team, we take a few to introduce everyone to him and he gives a little background on where his ‘tech’ love started.  After that, we move on to talk about a whole slew of things.  One topic covered on the Podcast  is about Netbooks and the amount of releases within the past few weeks, that took quite a few minutes to discuss for sure!  After Netbooks, we start talking about all the offerings these days that offer cloud syncing – Mesh, MobileMe and Sugarsync.  Also included in the conversation is the ‘Techcrunch $200 Tablet’ idea that was the talk of the Internet this week.  Take a listen and we hope you enjoy!

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