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GBM Podcast #56: No Gold Medals for this Trio



Podcastlogo_thumbMatt Faulkner, Warner Crocker, and Truc Bui took some time off from their Olympic viewing to get together for another GBM Podcast. In GBM Podcast #56 we talk about a host of options from viewing the Olympics on your mobile devices to the new Acer Aspire One NetBook that Warner’s wife won’t let him check out. We also talk about Loren Heiny’s controversial post about the future of Tablet PCs, free Tablet PC Software, what’s going on behind the scenes at AMD and VIA Technologies, and what we think the coming NetBook craze (or is it already here) will mean.

No one gets a medal on this show, but we sure do have some fun. Give it a listen and we hope you have some fun too.

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