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GBM Podcast feedback wanted



At GBM, we strive to be strategic in the content we deliver. We want to maximize the time we have to deliver content that is meaningful, entertaining, and impacts your mobile life.

In April, we resumed production of our weekly podcast and are approaching episode #30 within the next couple of weeks. We want to continue to improve everything we deliver on GBM. Along those lines, whether you are a podcast listener or not, we want to hear from you about them:

If you have listened to our podcasts, do you enjoy them? Do you find them informative? Are they entertaining and worth your 45 minutes? Do you like the current rotating host format? How could we improve the podcast ? If you have not listened to them or subscribed, what kind of content would interest you?

Give us whatever feedback you want and be honest ( we’ve got thick skin ) – it is the only way we can get better and deliver content to you that is both informative and entertaining.

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