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GBM Review: LapWorks Laptop Desk Futura Review



LapWorks Futura Finding the right stand for a slate or convertible Tablet PC is like shopping for clothes. Sometimes, you just have to try on the clothes before you know whether they’re a good fit. I’ve been through several iterations of stands and laptop desks, but I think I have finally found the right one: LapWorks Laptop Desk Futura.

The reason I like the Futura is how versatile, mobile, and light it is. First of all, it supports several types of use: as a stand and as a fold-out lapdesk. As a stand, it supports five different angles which is great for writing on a Tablet PC, and has seven different rubberized grips to keep the slate or tablet pc from slipping off, and to keep the stand from moving around on the desk. In addition, the stand makes it ergonomic-friendly for pounding out a lot of documents. When I’m working from home, I’ll frequently put my Tablet PC or MacBook on the stand, which puts the screen and keyboard at a nice angle for a lot of typing. I’ve also used the Futura in stand-mode on my lap and have found it quite comfortable and a good way to get the heat off. Second, the Futura folds out ( see pictures below ) to provide a wide laptop desk area, which is perfect for working in a recliner or couch. There are plenty of ventilation holes to keep the heat off your lap, and when folded out, there are a total of fourteen rubberized grips to keep the Tablet PC in place while you work. Third, it is light and mobile. Weighing only a pound, it folds up nicely to throw in your bag and take on the road. I used it quite a bit when in St. Louis, and am happy I took it with me.

I can’t recommend the Laptop Desk Futura enough as a versatile writing stand for your Tablet PC or as regular laptop desk. It has a permanent place in my mobile bag.

The Laptop Desk Futura is available through LapWorks for $29.95.



LapWorks Futura LapWorks Futura
LapWorks Futura LapWorks Futura
LapWorks Futura LapWorks Futura
LapWorks Futura LapWorks Futura
LapWorks Futura LapWorks Futura


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