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GBM Shortcut: Amazon Kindle Unboxing



ok – Here it is – The GottaBeMobile Amazon Kindle Unboxing video. We’ll get you more coverage in the coming days and weeks, but hopefully this will get everyone a little insight on what to expect out of the box and how it works from a navigation standpoint. The Kindle is not ugly at all – it is actually really attractive looking and feels good to hold. The experience is really seamless for sure – although it took a few minutes, the books I purchased a couple of hours ago downloaded automatically to the Kindle without my having to get online and associate id’s or whatever…pretty cool.

By the way, after I recorded the video, I experimented with notetaking – there is a noticeable lag when typing notes, which is a little bothersome. What I am liking about the Kindle already is how quiet it is, which will make it a perfect device to take somewhere when you don’t want to be intrusive.

In the video, the initial boot of the Kindle was kind of slow. However, subsequent boot-ups have taken about 5 seconds.

Browsing the web: since the video, I’ve navigated to GBM’s site using the included Experimental Web Browser and it loads up just like viewing it over Internet Explorer in Windows Mobile. The pictures are all gray scale. From what I remember ( need to check to verify ), web browsing is free using the included Sprint EVDO – pretty cool.

After watching the unboxing, be sure to check out Part 2


Here are some pictures of the Kindle carrying case, which clips in using the back rubber grip. The cover feels like a very nice leather bound journal:

Amazon Kindle carrying case

Amazon Kindle Carrying Case


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