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GBM Shortcut: Cradlepoint Technologies Cellular Router



When going mobile, one of the things I get the most benefit out of is my WWAN modem card. I used to think that integrated WWAN was the way to go, but for how I work and how frequently I switch between tablet pcs and umpcs, I have found USB based WWAN modem cards to be the most portable and cost effective. I recently purchased a USB727 Novatel modem from Verizon and have been enjoying that flexibility immensely. I can use it in my MacBook, my OQO Model 02 Tablet PC, the evaluation Lenovo X61 Tablet PC, and my Samsung Q1P UMPC.

The ultimate in flexibility and portability, though, is being able to share that WWAN broadband signal across WiFi for others to enjoy. Cradlepoint Technologies to the rescue.

Cradlepoint Technologies CTR350 Cellular Travel Router ( $149 ) accepts USB based WWAN modems and mobile phones, then shares that broadband connection over a 802.11 b/g WiFi signal. If a phone is being used as the cellular modem, then the router also charges the phone. It is a great size and solution for traveling, and also for home use. With the strong EVDO signal I get at home, I’m considering using it in place of my Comcast connection, and saving $40 a month.

I’ll have a more detailed InkShow review in the coming weeks, but for now, checkout this GBM Shortcut for the unboxing, size, etc, and visit Cradlepoint Technologies for more info.



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