GBM Shortcut: GloveTips Is a DIY Solution to Gloves on a Touch Screen

We’ve been running several posts about products designed to let you use your capacitive touch screen devices out of doors in cold weather and given that the US (at least the central and eastern part of the US) is in the grips of a major cold wave, I’m guessing that some are looking for solutions to keep their hands covered while tapping away on their screens.

One such solution is GloveTips. Keep in mind this is a Do It Yourself (DIY) solution and it requires a bit more dexterity than I happen to have to get them to work well. At least I hope that’s the case. Essentially, GloveTips provide you with tips that react with your capacitive screen. You have to install them on a pair of gloves using the included kit. The kit and the tips set you back $19.99.

The process of installing the tips into the glove is pretty straight forward and you do have everything you need, but like I said you need to have patience to make it come out just right. I liken it to installing a screen protector on a smartphone.

In any regard you can check out GloveTips in the video below and also see that I had different levels of success with different touch screen devices as I try them out on an iPhone, and iPad, and the Tega V2 Tablet.