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GBM Shortcut: Inking Surprisingly Good on the HP tx2051



I’m pleasantly surprised I have to say. When I checked out the HP tx2000 at CES back in January I wasn’t turned off by the Inking at all, but now that I have my hands on a review unit HP tx2051, I’m more than pleased with the Inking on this Tablet PC. And yes, it is a Tablet PC. Yes, HP bills it as an Entertainment PC and there is nothing wrong with that. It has tons of bells and whistles and is set up to rock and roll with Windows Media Center. It even comes with a remote.

But what impresses me is the fact that is a touch screen along with an active digitizer and HP seems to have gotten this part right, at least in early testing. I spent an evening taking notes in rehearsal after I shot this ShortCut and it was an effortless note-taking experience.

I’ll be reporting much more on the HP tx2051 over the next period of time. But for the moment, take a look at this GBM ShortCut and see how this Tablet PC Inks. (Watch out for the flying stylus.)

Download the High Res Version.

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