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GBM Shortcut: Intel UrbanMax Innovation Platform



I got an opportunity to talk about the Intel UrbanMax to Patrick Lynch, the marketing manager for the platform. In this short video clip you can see the UrbanMax in action. The innovation platforms are used to both showcase Intel’s vision of where mobile computing is going, as well as show a production-ready design that they work with OEMs to bring to market. Hopefully the OEM (or OEMs) who bring this design to market will make a few alterations, like supporting multi-touch, capacitive touch, and including an active digitizer. With those features, this would be a very attractive system. The full tech specs are up to the OEM, but this was designed as a full Core2 Duo so it should be powerful enough for general use.

Update: According to a press release, at least some of the platforms use N-trig’s DuoSense digitizer. Sounds promising!

(video length 2 minutes)


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