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GBM ShortCut: Quicklook2 on the HP2730p



In this GBM Shortcut, I take a quick look at Quicklook2, a feature that HP includes on the HP2730p Elitebook Tablet PC that allows you to view your PIM data without having to fully boot into Windows (Vista or XP).

Quicklook2 does not work in Sleep or Suspend modes which is a puzzler to me, but it does work if your computer is in Hibernate mode or turned off. It isn’t actively grabbing data from your PIM (in my case Outlook 2007) instead taking snapshots of your data as you configure it to. You can choose to have it take a snapshot at times you specify, or when Outlook closes, or manually. You can also choose which data (Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, Tasks) to have available or not.

Since I prefer to put my Tablet PC to sleep (that sounds deadly in a vague way) I rarely use hibernate, or turn my computer off, so this is feature I don’t see myself using much. But then that’s me and you might find it valuable.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Metroid48

    10/14/2008 at 6:06 pm

    Can you disable that key? I don’t see myself ever needing it so it might be best to turn it off altogether.

    As for not working in sleep/suspend, there’s a reason for that: When you press that button I’d expect it to boot a mini OS. It works fine in hibernate or when the computer is off, as nothing is running. However, in sleep and suspend Windows is still running – it’s just disabled almost every device to reduce power consumption.

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