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GBM ShortCut: The iGo Everywhere85 Power Adapter



igoeverywhere85_thumbI’ve been an iGo power adapter fan for years as they allow me to cut down on cable clutter when I’m on the road with multiple devices. They also work well when I’m on long driving trips to keep multiple devices charged. The good folks at iGo are continually evolving their products and have now released the iGo Everywhere85 as the latest edition in their lineup and I’ve been checking it out.

As with all iGo power adapter products the key is in the tips that come with the adapter or that you purchase separately. Tips seem to be the name of the game with many power solution, and iGo is no different, but having the right tip is a key because that’s what helps control the voltage to the many devices. The one thing I like about the Everywhere85 (and other iGo models) is that I can charge multiple devices at once with the cables they provide and the Everywhere85 comes with a retractable cable which means, less cable clutter in your bag. Face it, even though the nice little iGo bags are designed to carry the adapter, cables and tips, neatly, we all know that we just bunch up the cables and toss them in the bag and zip it up when we are on the go. Note also that tips for the dual power accessory are different than the tips for the regular connectors.

I also like that you get cords for both a standard wall outlet and your car(or boat), and the wall cord comes with a separate wall plug, which means you can pick up additional ones for international travel.

The Everywhere85 will put out up to 70 watts of continual power, so most of your device needs can be met, and this the Everywhere85 is lighter than previous high output editions of the iGo.

Check out the product page here.

Download the hi-res ShortCut here.


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